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Using exciting new approaches and somewhat different story telling, the Alt Narratives project aims to put scientific content on screen and make it more accessible to the audience. In collaboration with the Johannes Kepler University and the University of Art and Design Linz, science communication is completely rethought, structures of the classic „educational film“ are overcome and thus a broad field of creative and multidimensional exchange opens up.

The latest Alt Narratives film „Any Other Questions“ was created in cooperation with the Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies at the JKU and students of Timebased and Interactive Media Arts at the University of Art and Design Linz. The aim of the short film is to draw attention to discrimination in the labour sector without resorting to classic narrative or explanatory structures. Starting point is the current research of Dr. Doris Weichselbaumer, Professor and Head of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies. The research results were translated into film by Shari Ehlers, Stefanie Huber, Verena Aigner and Thomas Guggenberger.


WTZ West
University of Art and Industrial Design
Timebased and Interactive Media Arts
Johannes Kepler University Linz


Verena Müller
Nurhan Altaai 
Yves Jambo 
Victoria Lozar 
Mahnoor Jalal 
Björn Büchner

Shari Ehlers

Director of Photography
Thomas Guggenberger

Assistant Director
Stefanie Huber
Set Manager
Verena Aigner

Produced by
Andre Zogholy 
Simon Hochleitner 
Marlies Hajnal

Script by
Shari Ehlers
Stefanie Huber
Verena Aigner
Thomas Guggenberger
Under the direction of Joachim Smetschka

Based on research results by
Doris Weichselbaumer

Assistant Camera
Ivo Cerwenka

Alex Siegel 
Rebekka Homburg

Make Up
Sarah Scheel

Jana Simbürg 
Robert Gemeinböck

Color Grading
Michael Seidl

Sound Design
Alex Siegel

Christopher Hüttmannsberger

Graphic Design
Bashir Bastan

Film poster:


Making of:




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WTZ West
Kunstuniversität Linz 
Hauptplatz 6
4020 Linz, Austria